What is now proven was once only imagined.

William Blake

classroom9 is a unique platform that can help your teachers teach better, and learners learn better. 

In a single “classroom” you can conduct an unlimited number of lessons, courses, exams, quizzes and homework tasks.

It is not similar to Skype, WhatsApp groups or YouTube channels, even more; it incorporates all their functions, creating new opportunities for you and offering new services.

Expand your network and strengthen your brand by launching an online course!

Teaching lessons, school subjects has never been easier, whether for universities or colleges, online teachers or media personalities who want to share their knowledge and experience with others!

Currently c9 is a part of the educational system for some local schools in Jordan and India. They use the platform to give additional tasks and tests to check the fixed material (how well students did get the “today’s topic”)in addition to the system already familiar to everyone. It is a homework that teachers give to their students, with set deadlines and attached media files or documents.

This scheme is used after each lesson, for a good consolidation of the learned material. After students complete these tasks (remotely), teachers can also (remotely) check them, they can even add comments and questions to specific points.

There are features such as a screen demonstration which allows you to show ppt., Pdf formats online, thereby simplifying the way information is delivered to students. Here is quick run-down:

Used to attract students who wish to study remotely
The possibility of adding videos and webinars
The possibility of using video chats
Homework (verification, evaluation, teacher’s comments)
Automated deadlines for students
Online session for your schools (as additional learning opportunities)
Virtual Classes
Digital format of your classes, courses as a modern approach to learning!
Easily integrates with your profiles in the social networks
Our features allow you to sell your courses worldwide and make money directly to your bank account – without any intermediaries
Certificate issuance
Separate accounts for administration, teachers and students
Allows you to close content and leave access only to people who need to see it at the right time.
24/7 tech support
Demonstration of the screen during video calls
Access multiple learning styles with video, audio, text, image-based lessons and more.
And the possibility of easy integration of any social networks, instant messengers and their features makes work for you much easier, because you don’t need to open anything extra, all of this will just come to you itself.

As you can see, this platform is multifaceted and multifunctional, and in practice it’s just – the absence of any restrictions or boundaries. We tried to accommodate as much as possible! All the possibilities that would be needed in regular classrooms.